Alive in Christ – Eph. 2:1-10

Once dead-born that way-chose that way-going that way
Just like the world-every single person a slave to sin
Separates us totally from God-HE abhors sin
Causes us to walk according to the spirit of the age
Anything His Word says is true –we despise and refute

Deluded-we were utterly dead to spiritual things
We didn’t care about God’s way
We created our way and was glad in it-a form of religion devoid of God
Hostile and regimented against the things of God-denying His authority
We wanted what we wanted when we wanted it-might makes right

Disobedient-we had no relationship with God
Our very nature was disobedient-by culture and refinement we sought to rule
Just below the surface lurks a malevolent evil that stands against God
Completely and totally rejecting His way
We create our own God and he is us

Defiled- a natural depravity that controls us
Doomed from birth-we feel it but cannot identify it
We are on the road to perdition and are planting flowers along the way
What a beautiful life we lead-death has a fearsome hold on us
But for the grace of God go I

But God in His amazing Grace and wondrous love came looking for me
He died for me saving me from my sin-breaking the chains of bondage that held me
Giving me new life for free and His eternal grace poured out on me in Christ
Jesus gives me everything I need-no longer doomed-I am alive in Christ
Jesus loves me-as if there is none other than me

Plucked from the tomb-His life is alive in me
Placed on a throne- in heavenly places I live with Him here and now
By His grace I am saved thru faith
His love in me changes me-new birth recreates me
I am in His family, I have a relationship with the Father and Jesus is Lord of me

Clay Corvin November 1, 2014