Life is a struggle for each one of us. Those with great gifts and those with few gifts face the same challenge-How do I make what I am doing meaningful and valuable?

I want to feel valuable and at the same time know that the things I am saying and doing have meaning and worth in the marketplace. People live life so quickly. So many things that happen make little sense. I even surprise myself at how cold and uncaring I can be. How can I change this impending sense of uselessness?

I must submit myself to Jesus each day. The submission process becomes a journey of discovery. I cannot think divine thoughts but I can let the Lord express His divine ideas and thoughts in me. The Spirit of God lives in me and will guide me each moment. My submission permits Christ to express Himself in me. Daily devotion begins with me.

Step one is a call for me to recognize the Almighty. The Lord loves me and lives in me. I adore the Lord and seek to know Him more. A moment or an hour is important for me to think about the majesty and power and grace and mercy of a loving Father who gave life to me. Salvation is free but it wasn’t cheap. His grace is complete and I belong to Him. Adoration is an important step one each day in focusing my life in Christ.

Step two is automatic. When I stand before the Lord I will always be convicted of my sin. Sin is self-centeredness. Sin involves doing my life my way. Sin is pervasive and insidious and is the cause of all of the evil in the world. Satan never has to work too hard because I am so willing to sin. Step two is my recognition of sin in me and my asking Jesus to forgive me. I repent of my sin. That means that I agree with the Lord that I have sinned and I purpose not to sin again. Turning away from sin is important because this is the act of surrender that carries me to the next step in my daily devotion to the Lord. Confession of my sin is step two in my daily devotionals.

Step three enables me to regain the lost momentum of the previous day. Thanksgiving helps me to see the activity of the Lord in my life. Everything I have and am comes from the Lord. I am grateful for it. The very air I breathe is a gift. Life itself is a gift. As an ambassador for the Lord Jesus I must be mindful of the mission I am on and the resources the Lord has given me. I can do all things through Christ. He is my strong tower and rock. The Lord calls me to serve not reign. I am His to rule. Thanksgiving is a time for me to count my blessings and rejoice in my time with the Lord. He is here with me.

Step four is the only step most people every use in their daily devotion with the Lord. Intercession is important and will always be a major part of our devotional time with the Lord. Intercession involves my concern for others and me. My needs are important and in truth steps one through three are about meeting my needs. I need the Lord. Step four is when I really lay out before the Lord my concern for others and the activity of life that I am involved in. This is a time for strengthening my friends and acquaintances. I am asking my Lord to help those around me, those in leadership of government and people that I know. The list of intercessory needs is great and is a real call for focus on my part. People need the Lord.