THE BIBLE-Psalm 119:1-8

A song of Scripture instructing us, live this way for joy and peace,

Keep your focus on the Lord, His law, His word, let obedience be your way

Love the Lord and His Word will draw you like a magnet, pulling you to fellowship

Strengthening, encouraging, guiding, enlightening, the Lord will walk with you


Bend your knee to His law, making sure you are following His path

When you know Him you will know His way and walking in it will be your way

His will, your hearts desire, you will not hesitate from the right way

Easily living filled with the Lord, His Word echoing in your heart


Know His law, Know His way and walk in it and His light will shine on you

The Lord will carefully equip you as you do His will, holiness your companion

It will be natural, life giving, others will seek you out, watching your obedience

Choose God’s way, surrender to His holiness, let His light shine through you


Humility is a characteristic of a holy one, God’s presence calls us to learn

We seek to know Him more, our love for Him creates love for others

The true picture of a holy one, Christ on the Cross dying for you and me

True holiness equips us to live and die, the world is cold and lonely


A song of Scripture calling us to grow in Christ, suffer with Him

By His strength we will endure, by His stripes we were healed

Lord I do believe, help my unbelief, Christ is King in us and for us

Know the Lord, Come Christ calls, come and die with me


Clay Corvin   May 26, 2012